A busy week! (Featuring Typewriter Goodness.)

Hello void!

I haven't quite gotten on the Tutorials and such as I had planned on sadly. It has been a busy week and I haven't had my laptop to actually use for the designing process.. Bt some fun stuff is on it's way!! not only am I going to be doing some tutorials, but I'm going to be doing some teardowns and restorations on some tech!

One of the things I will be doing a teardown and restoration on is this beautiful Smith*Corona Electra 120! I must say I am enjoying typing on it. Something about not being able to take back something said makes writing a lot more like talking to someone in person.

I must confess I have already had it open. -.-;; It was just too sexy to leave alone. ahaha The mechanism is incredible I must say! Typing on it is pretty amazing too! The hammers move so fast since they are all powered by a motor. But I won't say more about it. I want to show you all of it on a video once I have a new Ribbon!!

Anyways. Let's just list out what I will be making real quick.


  • Basic Multimeter Tutorial Series
  • Basic Through Hole Soldering and Equipment Guide.


  • Smith Corona Electra 120
  • Vintage 80's  "Spartus" alarm clock

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