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Geocache 1 – Hidden Hollow

You Found It! If you are reading this it means that you have found the geocache and probably used the QR code to see this page. I'm sorry to say that this really isn't anything special, but I hope you enjoyed the geocache. ^,^ Please feel free to say something in the comment on this…
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A response for Yosef

A response for Yosef I thought that this would be an easy way to clearly handle the number of arguments that you have placed forward.. We could even converse through the comments here if you would prefer, but I thought that you had a lot of things to say that interested me.. Anyways, let's start…
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A busy life

Not really sure what all else to say than.. I have been super busy and tired. haha I haven't been doing much of anything and, as such, have not been doing any teardowns or tutorials. Hopefully, I will get back to that before too long.
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Spartus Clock Teardown Video!

First Teardown Done! Hello all! Just wanted to let you know that I have done a Teardown video on a vintage Spartus alarm clock. :D I hope you will all enjoy it! Vintage Clock Teardown!
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A busy week! (Featuring Typewriter Goodness.)

Hello void! I haven't quite gotten on the Tutorials and such as I had planned on sadly. It has been a busy week and I haven't had my laptop to actually use for the designing process..¬†Bt some fun stuff is on it's way!! not only am I going to be doing some tutorials, but I'm…
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Starting Out

Welcome Hello All! This will be my first ever post on my new site. By the time you read this I will most likely have finished up designing my site and time will have passed, but for now it looks like I am running a Yoga studio. LOL Well, working from a template is pretty…
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